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"O how nature acquaints us with a nature of patience"*

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

*Lyrics from one of my favorite song, "Seasons" by Hillsong worship

I've been painting a series of Fall leaves this month.

It started out as just being some fun art practice. But as I've collected different leaves in my neighborhood, I began seeing a narrative. My paintings, then are turning into a story - maybe about leaves; maybe about fall; maybe about the inner workings of our souls. Whatever the story ended up becoming, I really desired to capture the full transition from summer into fall.

I don't know a person who doesn't love fall foliage. We all stand in awe of the bright colors that make it look as if the trees have been painted with fire. But the changing colors are actually the result of our deciduous trees bracing themselves for the hard season to come. They no longer collect the fading sunlight to nourish themselves. They let go of that which has enabled them to grow, reaching their branches skyward. Now they shut themselves off from the environment and steel themselves for the cold, dry, dark winter.

Maybe we go through these seasons of change too. Hindsight helps us see how beautiful and necessary the change was. But in the moment, it can be downright painful. we could be letting go of the very things we have defined our life by. Maybe, whatever the change is, leaves scars like the torn or brown and crusty parts of the tree's foliage. And then there's the winter - long, dark, cold. The waiting. The wishing. Not being sure if it will ever end.

Fall leaves are so beautiful to us because we know that, even though it's a signal of the coming winter, spring comes soon after. And with spring, new growth.

We notice the change, and we admire and savor it before a season of rest and waiting.

Have you experienced a "fall" and "winter" in your life? What was the hardest part of that transition? Can you look back on that time and see the beauty?

How about a "spring"? where have you flourished with new growth?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this reflection, and whether I should create prints of these new Leaf paintings!

I hope you all enjoy your fall, rest this winter, and ready yourself for new growth in the spring <3

With love,


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