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Piece measures 9”x12” on cold press watercolor paper

This painting was the result of some prayers and mediations on where God is leading me on this art path. He’s made it clear that I should continue to create and share my art, but to what end I still don’t know. I was listening to a podcast once, and the host likened following God to taking a cross-country road trip at night. Your headlights are on, and you can see just far enough to keep going. There might not be a whole lot of commentary from the navigation system, especially if you’re on a long stretch of highway. There’s no need to comment on the course because the only way to go is strait.



Similarly, in the painting, even though I can’t see the rest of the path around the corner, I can still place one foot in front of the other where I *can* see. Sometimes that’s all we need to know. Just the next step - not the entire roadmap.

A Hidden Path Original Watercolor

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